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We are a Houston-based business, capital, and real estate firm that operates nationally across the United States. We specialize in healthcare transactions, facilitating the transactions of assisted living facilities, medical office buildings, business acquisitions, and partner buyouts. Our holistic business approach identifies strengths and weaknesses, implementing growth strategies by removing the need for conventional thinking.

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To become the ultimate one-stop shop for lending, consulting, and advisory services with a relentless focus on getting deals done. We are dedicated to empowering our clients to achieve their business objectives by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that encompass financial support, strategic guidance, and expert advice.

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We prioritize building lasting relationships over pursuing individual transactions, consistently acting in your best interests.

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Commercial Real Estate

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Client Testimonials

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Anthony Newton

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President of Kaduceus Inc.

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Review rating 5 star

Gatsby is Our #1 Go To For Commercial Real Estate!

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President of Home Care of Texas

Noe S. Perez RN BSN DON

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Review rating 5 star

Gatsby is my preferred commercial real estate and business development advisors. Not only they give professional sound advices, but they also go beyond to serve their client’s need. Seldom will you find a company that will actually educate their client regarding intricate details on a transaction. Home Care of Texas is a proud partner of Gatsby Advisors Real Estate. Thank you.

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Previous Client

Diana Hurtado

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Review rating 5 star

If you are trying to buy a residential or commercial property, this Company meets everything, I found them on Instagram and they are always looking for the best way to help! Thank you really you are the best. Thanks Gatsby Advisors Real Estate!

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Our Services

At Gatsby Advisors, we provide valuable insights, expert industry knowledge and tailored solutions to ensure you make informed decisions and excel in your goals.

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Commercial real estate

Residential real estate

Commercial & SBA Lending

Business Acquistion

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b. business plan

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Business Acquisition

We possess a relentless attitude in mergers & acquisitions through our various growth and expansion strategies. Our highly skilled and experienced team members are dedicated to securing the client’s wants while also prioritizing their knowledge, ensuring they make informed decisions through expert advice.

Business Broker

a) Business Evaluations

Comprehensive, detailed and data driven reports of your business will be done by experts dominating the industry. We will determine the value of your business and will provide advise based on the evaluation.

b) Business Plans

We specialize in creating well-structured and tailored business plans to turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality. We create the strategic foundation that serves as a critical tool for securing funding, making informed decisions, and achieving long-term business goals. From market analysis, financial projections, funding strategy, business objectives, risk analysis and mitigation, we will provide ongoing support to ensure you have everything you need to thrive.

Commercial Real Estate Advisory

Our approach involves matching clients with our agents whose styles and values align with theirs. Tailored services are provided in order to optimize the deal's advantages.

Get in touch with us today to get paired with your personalized agent.

Commercial Lending & SBA Lending

Our “No Money Down, 100% Financing” program positions us at the top choice when it comes to purchasing commercial real estate and building business empires. Clients are able to receive up to $5MM with no upfront costs and are ensured the most advantageous financial terms.

Gatsby Energy

We Lower Costs, Not Add.

Rather than adding costs, a “third party broker” drives down the overall price by introducing multiple levels of competition into the transaction. Additionally, since there is not a “standard offer” contract or product in the marketplace, members of the Aggregator, Broker, and Consulting (ABC) community also serve to normalize pricing, making sure that consumers are not misled by rates that may be convoluted or difficult to interpret.

There is no algorithm, program or software that can take in to account all of the factors of an evolving and highly complex market. The education, experience and industry knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the procurement process can be best achieved by working with industry professionals.

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charles patawaran


Managing partner

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Commercial and bUSINESS BROKER, ccim candidate

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Houston Location:

The Canon West Houston

1334 Brittmoore Rd #2310, Houston, TX 77043

Cypress Location:

9410 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston TX


Sugar Land Location:

Coming Soon in 2024

(832) 899-4389


Business Hours

Virtually Monday-Sunday

9:00 am to 9:00 pm

In Person Meetings by appointment only.

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